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Anthony Chester was born in Maryland, spent his early childhood in Colorado and California, and the majority of his adolescence and young adulthood in Michigan. For college, Anthony attended Michigan State University where he earned two Bachelors Degrees—one in Political Theory and Constitutional Democracy, and the other in Philosophy. He loved his time at Michigan State so much so that he decided to stay for law school.

While at MSU Law, Anthony participated in a number of advocacy competitions on the law school’s negotiation competition team, mediation competition team, and appellate moot court board. Anthony received numerous awards and accolades in his advocacy competitions, including a 1st place regional win in the ABA regional negotiation competition, a 2nd place national award for the ABA national negotiation competition, and a 3rd place brief award for a national labor law moot court competition, among others. Anthony’s success in advocacy competitions and his work for the ADR program at MSU Law granted him a “Distinguished Service Award” for “exceptional skill and service to the ADR program.” It was the first time such an award had been given to a student—a truly high honor.

Anthony made honing his advocacy skills his focus while in law school. In addition to the competitions, Anthony participated in a competitive, two-year trial practice certificate program designed to teach students the skills necessary to succeed in the courtroom. Anthony also served as MSU Law’s first ADR Board President and acted as a teaching assistant for three courses: negotiation advocacy, civil mediation, and domestic relations mediation.

Prior to joining Hyde & Swigart, Anthony worked in legal academia at Hamline University School of Law. There, he primarily administered ADR projects both within and outside of the law school as well as coached students in mediation advocacy.

Outside of law practice, Anthony acts as a volunteer mediator for community centers. Since his first mediation training in 2011, Anthony has mediated a wide variety of disputes including: divorces, landlord tenant issues, and debt collection matters. Anthony also acts in a leadership role for community dispute resolution, as he is a board member for the Dispute Resolution Center: a community mediation organization located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.


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